Supplies I love!

Art is hard enough without knowing where to begin. Here are a few of my favorite products.


Micron Pens

If you’ve never tried these pens before, I recommend getting the black 6 count set to try out the different sizes. My favorite sizes are the .05 and the 1mm. These are my go-to drawing pens. Why I like them:

  • They have wonderfully black lines. Something you’ll notice when you try out new pens is that the blacks are all different from brand to brand. I really like the Micron black.

  • They are quality.

  • It’s a brand I can rely on.

  • I can find them almost everywhere that sells art pens.

Warning: If you’ve never used fine liners with this style nib, be very careful how hard you push down. I ruined so many nibs when I first started from using too much pressure. These are pens I don’t share well with others. :)


Prismacolor Markers

These are my favorite markers. They blend, they are smooth, and they don’t leave marker trails like your regular Crayola type markers. They are definitely a step up, but are completely worth it. I don’t use these for regular coloring,

If you’ve never used them before:

  • I highly recommend getting these off Amazon, who has the best prices I’ve found so far. OR, find a good coupon for Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

  • Go for the 24 pack. This way you will have enough colors to get a good feel for the brand and color options, but it won’t break the bank.

  • Be careful with the tips. You don’t want to push down too hard. (These are markers I don’t let people borrow.)


Sharpie Fine-Liner Pens

I take these pens everywhere I go. They are inexpensive, reliable, and Sharpie brand quality.

I always use these pens for when I draw over dried watercolor paints. They still will gunk up with the loose paint particles, but they have always outlasted my Micron pens on that surface.

My biggest negative of these pens for me are that I wish they were an even deeper black than they are. Because of that, I have to double draw my lines so that it’s not darker in spot than others. I don’t think most people would notice this though.


Gelly Roll White Pens

I find it really unbelievable how often I use these pens. I use them to add highlights in drawings, add stars to skies, draw doodles on dark backgrounds. I use them regularly and take one with when I travel.

It also brings out my inner 12-year-old self, which is an added bonus.


Canson Watercolor Paper

I use this paper more than anything else. It’s tough and durable. It holds up to watercolor, erasers and markers.

It has a rough finish, which is great for watercolor. It is not ideal for creating smooth drawing lines. Although, I still stick with the watercolor paper even if I’m drawing so that I can use markers/ink/watercolor without any bleeding danger.

If you don’t watercolor - try Canson Mixed Media Paper. It is very smoother and durable (but not quite as thick) and generally less expensive. However, I find that my markers don’t blend well on that paper and they bleed through the lines, so I don’t use my Prismacolor markers on them.

If you use markers and need a smooth surface - try Canson Illustration Paper. It’s wonderful. But also expensive. I love this paper but use it sparingly.


Bombay Inks

I love working with inks. Most of the time I use them for backgrounds for doodles. Aside from their beautiful vibrant colors, I love that I can draw on top of them (after dried) without destroying my pens with loose particles, like with watercolor backgrounds.

I also like using them in place of painting watercolors by putting a drop or two in a tray and adding a bit of water. ‘

Caution: These are insanely difficult to get out of stuff after spilling. You can use a pen cleaner to get it off most things, but the pen cleaner can strip surfaces, so be careful! I would not recommend to use with kids for that reason. :)

Pro-tip: Keep water and paper towels near by to use like working with watercolors, spills, and cleaning your brushes/utensils.