My Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

1. Meet Laura Brouwers, @cyarine

Laura is a beautiful soul with beautiful drawings. I have never been able to draw characters, and yet her Instagram endlessly inspires me to try.  Not only are her drawing so flawless, but they are also chalk full of interesting characters and emotions that sets a new precedence for online art that I have not seen before. She is from the Netherlands and is a wonderful parent to a blind cat named Bamboo. 

2. Hello, Elise Joy! @elisejoy

I found Elise after a friend suggested her creative podcast to me, Elise Gets Crafty. Elise represents to me so much of what I hope to become. She is a small business owner, boundlessly crafty, strives for excellence, and is wonderfully transparent with how important the family unit is to her. Her projects and ideas on Instagram help me stay motivated to chase my dreams.

(I'd also strongly recommend her product, the Get To Work Book. It is a high quality get-it-done scheduler for the year.)

3. This is Dana Fox, @wonderforest

Dana has the most consistent and BEAUTIFUL Instagram feed I have ever seen. It is bright, calming, and her watercolor skills are Ah.Maz.Ing. Her outstanding quality and creativity pushes me to up my social media game. 

4. Introducing, Jonna Jinton! @jonnajinton

I first learned about this Swedish jewel in a feature where Jonna sang a traditional Scandinavian cattle herding kulning tune. From that moment, I was hooked. Her talent never seems to end. She is a photographer, painter, vlogger, and I believe, maybe even a fairy. Her love for the nature around her brings me peace and makes my love grow for the world around me.

5. Australian beauty, Ange Miller. @angemillerart

Ange is full of color and joy. She creates space in her heart for the process and discovery of her art. She encourages people to enjoy the journey, and is part of the creation of one of my favorite hashtags, #artflowsessions. She also is the reason why I began using alcohol inks, which is one of my favorite art forms today!